Commissioned pieces

I can design and carve a range of work, in various stone types and sizes. I am happy to consider any commissions. Keeping you updated on the work in progress with photographs and visits to the workshop. I am also able to install pieces where necessary.

Goddess of the Sea (above) Portland stone

I often find commissions help me to develop new untried areas of my art, as with this life-size bust carved in French limestone and inspired by a charcoal sketch.

Penelope, carved in French limestone
Yoga Mudras

Yoga mudras can be designed in various combinations.

Family below was first conceived from a few descriptive words and developed with the client. It’s very collaborative, where both parties contribute to the final creation. A very satisfying process producing a unique and personal sculpture.

Family– Portland stone, Kilkenny limestone, Dartmoor granite

Alternatively, I can produce pieces inspired by my previously created sculptures with subtle differences to maintain their unique status.

Manta Ray– black Indian serpentine

Alternatively a traditional theme or classic design can be re-interpreted.

The Green kings

Below is a collaboration of design with the Holly King on one side and the Oak King on the other, as personifications of the Summer and Winter, enabling the piece when displayed upright to be rotated at the Solstice to reflect the seasonal cycle of the year. The stone was coloured with pigments and gold leaf.

Oak King-Portland/Pigments
Holly King – Portland stone

Viking Ship

The Viking Ship was carved in York sandstone, using the buff colour for the ship and blue York stone for the plinth.